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First Stop...Credit

Take the first step and be on the road to homeownership for only $350! Complete the form below to schedule your consultation today!

The Take Away

First-time buyer, Or maybe you’re ready to move into something bigger, or even downsize; No matter the reason we can prepare you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need to to be ready. You’ll learn

  • Ways to improve your credit score

  • How to gain assistance on a down-payment

  • All about affordable loan programs

 and many other key steps to help make your purchase a valuable part of your long-term financial health and wellness.

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Schedule Your Consultation

 Homeownership gives people a sense of accomplishment as well as pride and rightly so!  Owning your home can give you greater freedom and privacy. It can also add to your long term financial security. Home buying is an important decision and takes some planning. We are here to help and give you peace of mind knowing you are well prepared.

Ready to take a close look at improving  your credit?

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